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- The only language spoken/written on this forum is ENGLISH.
- Please reply with a "Thank You" if a post has been helpful to you.
- Be an active poster, not just a leecher.
- Post in the correct sections.
- Political or religion posts are not allowed.
- Offensive text/Swearing and Racism posts are not allowed.
- No porn or nudity allowed!
- No advertising allowed!
- If you have a problem with another user, use the Personal Message (PM) button to tell Forum staff members about the situation.
- Members are asked to not act as "backseat moderators".
- PM a Admin or Mod to report a user.
- Each forum member must have only 1 account. Users with multiple accounts will be banned automatically.


- Please do not use a whole pile of symbols. Make sure your username is readable. [e.g t3st is OK, but not t3#@&]
- As far as possible, use your own name (or atleast a part of it) as the username.
- User names should not be offensive in any way.


- Maximum dimensions; width: 125 pixels, height: 125 pixels, file size: 98kB.
- It shouldn't be offensive in any way.


- Please start your own topic. (No Merging Of Topics)
- Excessive posting of similar messages to increase post count is not allowed.
- Any user caught posting meaningless crap (like: wkhdhnzx8565kikj oiuo876sa, for example) will be given a warning.
- Information is crucial so always add it to Your post.
- DO NOT post multiple items in one post.
- Check the download links before posting. Make sure they are free from viruses, worms, Trojans and browser hijackers.
- If You want to add to your topic, please use the EDIT button.
- Do not spam our board.
- Do not bump old threads, they are Useless.
- All passwords must be enclosed in topic.
- Post content should not be explicit, offensive, shocking, indecent, sick or pornographic. Content which is inhumane or unethical is not allowed. Any user caught posting such material will be Banned immediately without an explanation!


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